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Search Engine Optimization - SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a procedure of website optimization to acquire huge organic or unpaid traffic from the search engine page result. The procedure involves the restructuring of a website based on the guidelines for SEO given by Google. When it comes to optimizing a site, it becomes necessary to make some necessary changes in the source page, website design, and content of the site. SEO helps accomplish numerous marketing goals at a time, like making Google know about the site, boosting the ranking of the website on the search engine, getting huge traffic. 

Online Reputation Geek stands as a leading SEO service provider and can make your website popular on search engines using specific sets of keywords. We provide a wide range of search engine optimization services including local SEO, Enterprise SEO, eCommerce SEO, Global SEO, Web Analytics and others. Our digital marketing team is well versed in On Page and Off Page SEO activities.

How to Improve Search Result?

Improving search results for a website can be a time-taking task, but it gives a full return on investment. We ensure you the best website ranking by following below-given steps-

Enhance your website’s user experience- SEMrush, a leading digital marketing tool says, the top four website ranking factors are website visits, page per session, time spent on site, and bounce rate. All four factors are directly related to the website’s user experience. If your website is user-friendly and enjoyable and proffers valuable information, your site will catch huge traffic.

Write optimized content for SEO– Your On Page and Off Page, content should be high quality, easily understandable, and give necessary information. This will help boost the search ranking of your website on the search engine.

Improve page speed by optimizing website images– Large image files cause problems to the site and decrease its loading speed. This will cause inconvenience to your visitor and may make him disinterested. First, optimize your image size and their quality, and then monitor the page speed. This will help improve its page speed.

Fix broken links & focus on building backlinks– Google says broken links can make your website unwell as it may not read the web page perfectly. Also, focus on building more quality backlinks for the site as they will improve the ranking of the website.


We focus on helping every business that wishes to be online. Our wide arrays of services help different types of businesses in a significant way

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    Local SEO

    Everyone in your lane would know the success chronicles of your business, but that is limited. Outreach your presence to nearby areas through strategically prepared local SEO plans. They will help excel your business in the local market.

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    Enterprise SEO 

    Digital marketing has motivated almost every business to get on the web. Whether its Fortune 500 or a startup, being online means having topmost ranking in order to get traffic. Our Enterprise SEO has been fabricated by keeping the goals of different enterprises in mind that would help them gain the lead in online marketing competition.

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    Ecommerce SEO 

    Your eCommerce store struggling with derailed traffic, and thus impacting your sales. Get ample daily visitors on your site with our Ecommerce SEO. We bring free, recurring, and high-converting traffic by optimizing and promoting your business on different online platforms.

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    Global SEO 

    If you’re intending to make your business extend to the larger part of the world, then global SEO is the most right promoting resource for you. With our global SEO, your business will excel worldwide, and you will find visitors on your site from all over the world. 

Our SEO Marketing Process

We bring practically tested search engine optimization practices that give complete assurance to the client, the selected keywords will bring their website to the topmost position in Google. We ensure our words by creating a detailed practical strategy for a particular business: what, how, and where to take action. We analyze the online competition of the business, do extensive keyword research, and create high-quality content. Blending all these tactics, we head for the search engine optimization process. We look for making your business established on Google and find daily quality traffic. This will help boost your business presence and sales, both

Key Elements of SEO

There are various elements of SEO and all of them ensure the success of the procedure-

AS a part of our SEO practices, we will review your website and look for anything that needs to be added or removed. Here are the key elements we will be looking for-

Title Tags to Alt Text

Once we have found the keywords to be targeted, it’s time to implement them in the right place. Using those keywords, we will create Meta descriptions, page titles, page copy, title tags, and alt text. The first step towards SEO doing.

URL Structure

URLs of your website will also be critically imperative for search engine optimization. For example, your URLs should have real words and include keywords. The structure of URLs should be in a way that search engines can easily identify them based on their structure.

Navigation Structure

We will optimize your site so that users and search engine robots, both can navigate your website. The navigation process of your site will be made simple, organized, and consistent. This is imperative not only from an SEO point of view but also for conversion optimization.

Duplicate Copy Check

Leaving a duplicate copy on the website can be a suicidal activity for SEO. We will ensure your website and Off Page, content is unique, plagiarism-free, and high-quality. We will thoroughly check your website.

A/B and Multivariate Testing

If you want to get the best result from your SEO activities, it is imperative to test a variety of scenarios to know the path of conversion rates, and the highest rankings. A/B and multivariate testing can provide you results in real-time and you can take business decisions further.


Why Choose Us?

Online Reputation Geek is a premier SEO service provider and provides multiple reasons to choose its organic online marketing services

  • Get Started Now 

    Thinking that SEO is a mere online marketing activity to boost the website rankings in SERPs, but the fact is that its benefits are more than this. A high-quality SEO practice acts as an extension of your brand’s digital marketing endeavors, working to perk up your brand’s visibility, drive more and more traffic to your website, boost conversion rates, and improve your brand’s online image. We will bring the same results with our top SEO activities.

  • Access to Next-gen Tools 

    When you select an SEO company, you immediately gain access to cutting-edge tools. From top level onsite SEO evaluation tools to resources for analyzing competitive links and detailed keyword research, Online Reputation Geek brings a wide range for making SEO activities best for your site.

  • White Hat Techniques with 100% Transparency 

    We use only White Hat technique for SEO practices to make the trust of the client going. This also ensures that Google will never penalize your site. We believe in 100% transparency as it is the foundation of every association, and we want it to go with every client.