Hotel Reputation Management

We help build positive reviews for your hotel business

For a hotel business, guests and their reviews mean a lot as they are keys in making or breaking the reputation of the property. Regardless of how good your property, amenities, and services are, you may find people who can ruin the image of your business. With online platforms available, putting fake reviews, negative comments or pieces of feedback is very easy. These reviews directly impact the decisions of other customers and tend them to move ahead from your property. Hotel’s online reputation impact can get challenged if the bad reviews continue growing and could be more damaging if sustainable actions are not taken. Hotel reputation management is a practice that helps hotels and resorts to rebuild their image. The service builds a safeguard against defamation and unfair complaints and tells the world about the dignity, vision, and mission of the business. 

Online Reputation Geek is a top hotel reputation management service that anchors its expertise to help your hotel business grow manifolds by rebuilding its image. We have conquered many battles for our clients who have been facing losses to their businesses due to their image deterioration. We have brought their reputation back on track and helped them grow manifolds. Being the best online hotel reputation management company, we understand that the fall of the image can get critical and it needs a quick and immediate recovery action. We assure you that with us, you will have authentic, trusted, and professional service as we believe in having long-lasting customers.

Reviews play an important role in the hotel business. Online Reputation Geek builds positive reviews and manages negative ones. We also work strongly on the SEO of your website to make it more visible in the search queries of Google. We understand online reputation management for the hotel is all about doing positive branding of your hospitality business. We can achieve desired results for your business by monitoring, auditing and rebuilding your online identity. Our team will be ready to answer questions put for your hospitality and provide authentic answers in real-time. Your positive image will help influence the decisions of your customers.

Online Hotel Reputation Management Strategies

Our online hotel reputation management strategies divide the entire reputation plan into 5 different steps. We will perform the following tasks for enhancing your hospitality service reputation-

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    Heed Reviews

    A quality strategy for the hotel’s online reputation impact includes heeding reviews. The negative reviews are needed to be controlled and removed as quickly as possible. To plan the heeding of reviews, starting with the newest reviews would be the best working actions. This is because; the most recent reviews popped up can damage the reputation of the hospitality service more strongly. Hotel reputation management service will remove or heed those negative reviews with the immediate effect.

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    Quick response to negative reviews

    Jumping to respond quickly to negative reviews is the best possible way to enhance the image of the hospitality service. Some customers may genuinely want to connect while others eye on damaging their reputation by giving a review. A quick response from the business tends customers to think and believe that you care for them, and can troubleshoot their issues. A delayed or ignored response won’t only damage the image and brand value, but also the worth of the reply is no more valuable. We will come to action in real-time and reply to them positively.

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    Allow and encourage reviews 

    A hotel business is always open to being reviewed as it builds trust among customers against those which don’t value reviews or not open to being reviewed. Reviews state your presence, and positive ones add value to the brand as well as act as the proof of quality service. Being an industry expert, we allow and encourage generating reviews for your business. Comments from happy and satisfied customers are always an award.

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    Remove old, negative, and extraneous content

    Requirements change with passing time and whichever business address and understand this factor rises to the apex. If you have kept your 5-year old content, that won’t be valuable currently. Go through your website, media platforms and wherever you have put content, check their status, and if found old enough, eliminate all such content. We as your reputation manager will help do that.

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    Be  friendly  and communicative with your customers

    Business making should be a fixed goal, but you need not talk business all the time. Share some quality time with your customers, and try to know their hobbies, interests, likes, and dislikes. Come up with live interviews, send them rewards and gifts often. A friendly connection will also help boost your business. We at Online Reputation Geek will come up with such kinds of strategies as per your industry.

Our Reputation Management Services include for Hotels:

Monitor Competition

You would be striving to have a good image with positive reviews, the goals still can’t be achieved to the fullest. You need to know what your competitors are doing. The information gathered from monitoring the strategies your competitors will help you make necessary changes in your business strategies. Online Reputation Geek provides you competitor monitoring services that can make your hospitality service more valuable and recognizable. You will be more proficiently able to make your customers happy. Thus, you will get loads of positive reviews uninterruptedly.

Social Media

Social media has an important role to play in reputation management for hotels. The audience of all social platforms is huge. Also, people use social media to get reviews of hotels across the globe including India. Strengthening social media profiles with the proper information can boost the brand value of the business. We deliver complete social media marketing data, queries and other information to keep you updated and help you remain ahead by taking the right decisions.

Review Site

For turning your negative reputation to positive, the selection of review sites also matters a lot. For instance, TripAdvisor has been trusted in the hospitality industry and its audience. Creating a profile on the platform will always help excel better. We will create your business profile on different review sites that are trusted and known for generating positive reviews. Also, you will have your presence outreached.

Put Positive Feedback

We suggest you make customers happy as it will help your business through online and mouth marketing, both. Garnering positive feedback from happy customers draw the attention of users who are looking for the best staying place away from home, and you will surplus guests at your hotel. We will create positive feedback for you as well. Positive feedback, comments, and reviews will also push negative ones down on the platform.

Our hotel reputation management services include:

  • Downturn Negative Corporate Reviews
  • Creating Positive Identity for Your Hotel
  • Manage Search Engine Result Page Chronology (Descending Negative Comments)
  • Controlling Search Queries on Search Engines
  • Defend Smear Campaign and Defamation liabilities.
  • Vanish Bad Hotel Reviews & Unauthentic Complaints.
  • Boosting Positive Content Online.

Why Choose Online Reputation Geek?

If you want to know what people say about my hotel reputation, you should choose an apt hotel reputation management service that allows you to say my hotel’s reputation is clean. For such a goal to be achieved with convenience, Online Reputation Geek brings the best reputation management for hotels service. We offer you important reasons to choose us-

  • Keeps your business dignity high

    Image, reputation, and dignity are few things that are highly imperative in the hotel business. To keep your hospitality service going, we bring positive content for your property. We use different online techniques to give more and more likes, shares, comments, reviews to your site. We are always there with you in managing your business’s online reputation.

  • Drive customers to your address

    A hospitality service with good always the topmost pick among travellers. We build your reputation in a planned way eyeing to build a concrete reputation of yours. Our hotel reputation management service focuses on brand reputation management. If your brand value is recognized and trusted, customers will love to book your services. This way you will get customers continuously.

  • True Professional Service

    We will be transparent and clear with our words to you throughout the project. You will be able to reach us anytime during working hours. Our representatives will give you true and complete information about our services, terms and conditions, payment, and whatever required from your side during the event.

  • Return-driven services

    You will find complete satisfaction by working with us. Whether it’s about achieving your objectives or asking you to provide information, everything will be done with the purpose to give you the best results. You will find everything going similarly as per the strategies (subject to change in certain cases).

Online Reputation Geek being the best hotel reputation management service enables you to get positive reviews and comments for your hospitality service. We are experienced and trusted in the hospitality industry.